Types of X Rays

When you visit your local dentist, you’ve likely gotten an x ray. X rays allow dentists to look inside your mouth and get a full picture of what is going on with your oral health. These images make it easier for dentists to check the health of the tissues in your mouth as well as of your bones, teeth, and any implants or crowns you may have installed.

Not every x ray is the same, though, so you’ll want to become familiar with what the different types are and what you can expect when getting them done in your dental office.


A bitewing device is used to perform a dental x ray yakima dentists can use to view a specific area inside of the mouth. They may need to perform several bitewing x rays to get a full picture when they are going to be performing a procedure or during an annual exam. Your dentist will ask that you bite down on a box or piece of plastic.

Full Mouth

Full mouth x rays are composed of several images that allow the dentist to look at the entire mouth. These are often reserved for new patients in offices, as it is comprehensive. Initial images form the baseline for your oral health, allowing dentists to track your teeth as you continue to visit them and get treatment and cleanings.


Panoramic x rays are photographs that also view the entire mouth. They show teeth that are impacted as well as teeth that are emerging or that have already emerged. You will need to bite down on a bite clocker, which aligns teeth and takes a clear image of them for your dentist.

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Depending on the dentist you go to, you may get different x rays performed. Speak with a professional and ask what types of devices they use on patients.