Brief Introduction To Refrigeration Work

Today’s newest freezers and refrigerators are generally free of frost. You may well have a frost-free system. But repairing your refrigeration system katy tx remains necessary, particularly if it is being used for commercial purposes. If it being used commercially, it will undoubtedly be experiencing wear and tear. To keep a freezer or refrigerator frost-free, the system’s heater needs to be turned on automatically.

This is necessary in order to melt all of the accumulated frost inside of the system’s unit. Frost melts at different points within the unit. Needless to say, melting is encouraged by a heater. By the time frost melts completely, the refrigeration system’s thermostat automatically converts to a cooling cycle. This happens in order to maintain a standard freezing temperature. This process is automatic. Resultantly, frost will not be building up inside the proverbial box.

The installed unit has a compressor system. This system forces a coolant through a coil system. This is driven by a motor. The cooling or defrosting system also includes switches, heaters, condensers and fans. The DIY exponent is easily able to test and replace any number of the refrigerator’s components. But there are always those cases that are best left to a qualified refrigeration mechanic.

repairing your refrigeration system katy tx

Before any maintenance or repair work is carried out on a freezer or refrigerator, the appliance needs to be unplugged. The maintenance repair technician also needs to check that the refrigerator’s compressor or motor includes a capacitor. This component is usually located towards the top of the system’s motor. Capacitors are designed to store electricity. And before any work can proceed on a refrigerator that has its capacitor, said component must be discharged.  

Let’s just say that the consequences of not doing so could be quite shocking.